Monday, August 24, 2009

“Mornings and Airports”

Ayka texted me last week 'cos her friend PM' ed her on facebook about a sugarfree album launch.I was already hooked up on their carrier single "Hay Buhay"-that's my starter chorus before i go to work.then i sit down at my post and sing it loud enough,but no one's exactly hearing it because yes, mahina ang boses ko.hahah.Anyway,“Mornings and Airports” album launch was held last wednesday-Aug 19 at Saguijo.The good thing here was the event is darn FREE. I was with my neighbor/good friend/brother Jaycee and his bandmates Japs and Nando from F.I.O. we went there by 9.30-ish.The place was packed.Everyone anticipated the album lauch.I've been a fan of Sugarfree since the "Mariposa" and "Burnout" days.It does reflect the band's craft on their views on the pinoy pop culture.And i did see this on on the new album as well.Plus they also featured guest bands to make the have the night rockin' and rollin'- like Cambio and Sandwich.Which i'm also an avid listener. Cos i'm a huge fan of Raimund Marasigan's bands--all jumpy,all hyped up.Then came the band's main performance.The thing i like most about Sugarfree is they like to keep things raw and it's ok for them to laugh while singing.That's a good thing for me because they really do like to share what they know and they're open about it.Oh yeah,i almost won a freebie that night,unfortunately,i was 4 numbers short.hahah.main faves on the album launch? "Hay Buhay" pa din. then before going home,i feasted on too much siomai and black gulaman.XD but then again.cheers to a great night celebrating music once again!XD

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

slipan at rinigan 2

aug 15 '09

after shift.i was half day and i was issued a memo-notice to explain why i was half day for 2 straight days.I can't say to my boss exactly that i needed a breather and i got burned out-everyone else is stressed as well on i decided to take matters on my hands.



Bingo.That's for 3 reasons:

1. Al's bar--lately I've been a regular-squeezed my spare time-especially free entrance Thursdays and events that are now hard to reason:'cos it's sooo near.

2.The Artworks-- So far i only know 2 people who participated on the said event-my friend and photographer extraordinaire Red Rivera and one of my local art heroine Sarah Gaugler.They presented some 4x4 artworks.

3.Of course,homegrown talent-and what's not to like? the local indie scene is flourishing-it's a golden era on my end.hahah.

anyway after shift,i went straight to al's to meet up with red and luigi.with them is aki and her friend mai.had early dinner at rosemary's at the the chicken meal.

5pm and the mini gallery was still being set up at that time.but the crowd was at least building up by the time the sun came down.seeing these artworks made me feel proud that we live in an independent the same time i was envious that I'm not uber talented as these kids are.they make crazy good art. i feel bliss on those artworks

7pm onwards....ahhh,musicfest.finally,well Luigi was the sound tech for that night,so that should be good i suppose.i seen familiar faces-Fran from Sleepwalk Circus.again-I'm a huge fan.they made 50% of my birthday reallllly happy just by greeting me during their set.The Bernadettes- they make good songs-even better when sung really drunk.that's why they were called "drunk pop".but i was waiting for all these time for well my favorite favorite favorite act Turbogoth-and yes,Sarah is quiet and down to earth.So is Pao.and i said hi to them.they already know me somehow because i've been going to a lot of their gigs-the one at gweilo's with techyromantics (i heart as well), the Lilystars anniv last may and Fete de la Musique. And seeing them this time at al's made me feel fuzzy.hahaha.But don't get me wrong-i also discovered new great acts that i should watch out for-on the local scene.

The Nocturne of my favorites of the night.that was my first time 'em.

Pitik-the vox sounded soooo calm.urbandub-ish but mellow.nice.

Ursaminor-sounded contemporary and heavy.i go crazy for their drummer.verry pretty(honest)

And music does go hand in hand with celebration of some sorts-purchased a new shirt-the redslim08 shirt that i wore to work right stickies for tubby trousers and pins from redslim08 and tether. Plus upon buying the shirt,i also made aqcuaintances-like dex.and mick.and nikka.dex is a graphic artist with a taste for euro indie(finally!) nikka is a curator(wanted that job before) and mick is a bassist (for tether)-and all is full 'o love at Al's.

and only had 1.30 hours of sleep.which the majority won't even know what i'm blabbering about once again.XD

Friday, August 14, 2009

From Sam Scarlettears

Broke.haaaay.then came along tons of good events. paycheck did not pay me well.shizzle with that.hahaha.

aug 13, '09
Sam from scarlettears's text:

"hi there daiox,musta? we hav a gig tom at ten02 timog,kung gsto mo manood.(smiley face)
next week naman aug 21 toriamos nite sa conspiracy.And another one ant ten02 same nite (smiley face)"

BTW: Scarlettears is a brilliant Goth act hailed from metro manila.They make beautiful and really dark music,filled with love's depth and pain,and isolation comes from within.It is heavy isolation,that it lets you breathe and see that there is that sincere tranquility amidst the music that they make.

Years before,i had the opportunity to actually receive a copy of their previous release because my friend Karl was one of their drummers who had sessioned for them before .
Beneath A Crescent Moon.

I was not a fan of their genre before until I've listened to it.
i fell in love with one of their songs-making a mark on their craft.
it was "Scarlettears" and "Adele Walking on a Spiral Highway".

One of the acts that paved the way for me to also listen to a whole new genre by then.

Years after I was able to watch them live again thru this year's Fete de la Musique at the Metrowalk,since i was eager to watch the Goth/new wave/electro stage.That was where I got the chance to say "hi" and catch up with Sam again and i asked him if there was already an album in the works.Good news. There will be one soon.

visit their site.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

erase,retype,wired up...

hi.i'm new.not on the blogosphere per se but this would be my first time to write (and rave and rant) about one of my biggest loves-music! i'm not a music critic.heck,i never even studied music nor even learned how to play one instrument! but this is what i know:music is one of my outlets,IF NOT THE ONLY ONE OUTLET.hahaha. since this is my first time to actually write,i just like to say sorry in advance-i'm still learning the ropes.still rough around the edges.but i will really pour my heart out to write some here it goes ....

Facebook addiction:

pick your 5-

"Put your iPod on Shuffle-What are the first 5 songs that come up?"

answers that i came up with:

You and Me-Club 8
Get lucky-New Young Pony Club
This past week-The radio dept.
We're gonna save the summer-The Pearlfishers
Skeleton Boy-Friendly fires

-these songs are mostly forwarded to me from friends,so i have to thank 'em big time
-honestly i DON'T have an iPod
-my sony ericsson w850i works the shuffling full time.
-and a lot don't even know who these acts are...

yep.i do get frustrated when people have no idea what i'm talking about.then again,save the next pages for the gig parts.XD