Wednesday, August 18, 2010

twisted fork

i like art. it's unpretentious. and raw. and it creates better bridges to community. though I'm not good at it,i like to think that i have a huge and healthy appreciation for arts more than any categories i would like to bring up with,well art AND life itself.

enter Ferdinand Center for the Creative.

I believe in this group because their aim is to teach,provide art to the less fortunate.
I also have this strong belief that art will eventually rule the earth.

i got this message from ferdinandcc's main man, Lester nelson, last month,asking if i can do some stints on interviewing some of the graphic artists here in manila.without batting an eyelash,i had to say yes.

now,i have to say that i have NO proper knowledge of theories or technicalities when it comes to graphic design,but i know how to distinguish pieces that stand out.because i think that those pieces makes a person different.

my first interview was for graphic artist Dan Matutina.
he's the main man for Idea's - it's a design & communications agency that helps design to nonprofits and NGOs.

If that’s not enough, he also teaches at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.

for days, i had been emailing Lester back and forth about questions we can ask to Dan,until those were finalized and i had to email Dan.I was nervous because,heck,that's my first time and I feel like a groupie.

Finally,i had a reply from Dan for the interviews.yay!!
being a wreck for a few days paid off after all.'s the link:

and here's Dan's links:
super thanks, Les!!

in her elizabeth

i was on leave last Tuesday,my nose was runny and i had a really irritated throat. i'll be on leave until this Friday.

after a ton of events,i was encouraged by patty to write again,so yay.

anyway,since i was on leave last Tuesday,i was also invited by close friends,Ben mart and Charles to have dinner at dampa.seafood overload.haha.

by 10 pm,we were already stuffed with seafood on our bellies and mart has to go home.i have to file for leave by 1am so i was really that available that time.luckily enough,Charles said that the terminal going to their place arrives by 10.30. i had to suggest to Ben and Charles to go with me at the collective so check out the place.

when we came there,the place was pretty much closed. except for Vinyl on vinyl,that art space with beautiful graffiti on it.luckily enough,it was the opening night for kooky tuason and some artists for their show "in her Elizabeth"- it's an exhibit where artists get to interpret their take from kooky's poems. i get to see Dex again, and some familiar faces, like Zeus.and i was introduced to uno magazine's gabby de la Rama and comedian Stanley chi.they're so down to earth.but i was really drawn into the artworks and sounds-it never fails that these two always go hand in hand.that was a good night,every art night is.

From vinyl on vinyl