Wednesday, October 28, 2009

500 days of Summer

my new favorite's not a chick flick.but it is a hard hitting story about love. oh yes.
and somehow the scene of the story was sort of autobiographical for me.what i like and how i view relationships were true. on the summer's point of view,as i have said it to people.and how i dump guys,yep,the cold truth. and how i get dumped,from the guy's point as well. i do that,breaking things after rejection.and most likely gets depressed and drunk and plays music that loud and screams.but then again on my end i get past thru depression,i guess.

What i loved about the film was the cold hard truth that love is not getting the guy (or girl- from the protagonist's point of view). I mean Tom (played by Joseph Gordon- Levitt) sets his eyes for Summer (played by Zooey Deschanel) and madly falls in love with her-but the girl though otherwise. it's a perfect story of reality vs. expectation. One cannot help that they can be so torn up for the dude.but that also goes the same for the ladies as well.

Take it from the Smiths-- the cinematography also goes with it-- the neutrals and the browns are visible on the movie.really sharp and snazzy, i may say.

favorites on the soundtrack:

Mushaboom- Feist
Please please please let me get what i want - The Smiths
There is a light that never goes out- The Smiths
Bad Kids-Black lips
There goes the fear- Doves
You make my dreams- Hall and Oates

what i'm listening right now....

i like this one.They're called Temple Scene.I browsed it by accident. the website where i discovered this act was also stumbled upon as's called in a few days that will also be my fave site too.

The track is called A sign of all things to come. Really chillax.

cheers to new undiscovered music!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's filipino for "crazy" or a mad man if that one's much more specific. This is one the recent exhibits that i recently headed to as a kickoff for my restday since that fell on a Tuesday. One of my new friends, kuya Neil gave me this cardboard brochure to check out their works at Makati. That was good because i don't have to get frantic at that time because the location wasn't that far from the office. I even checked out the webbie for the address on where the event will be shown at.

Alliance Francaise de Manille
(formerly Reposo St.) Bel-Air 2, Makati City

i was a "buang" too when i realized that Alliance is ridiculously near the place where i work less than 10 miuntes away.haha. i cam there by 8 ish. i was able to see same faces which is fun because in my own opinion,i'm starting to get reacquainted to people who i've been introduced with and i've gotten comfortable with myself because i get to ask helluv questions.

then the exhibit thing i knew is i was already with dex and others.having a drink somewhere in manila.the night was late so i stayed at dex's until 6 pm.That was also the first time i ever went to Marikina. I do get to see what it's like to be a visual artist firsthand-it's typical. the difference is that they full heartedly are committed to see how things are and they've mastered it on medium.

But i'm enjoying all the hype that they're humble still nevertheless.good to know that there's still a group who welcomes the world and makes it better. No doubt I'm really enjoying art in real life.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

these past few days...

i would not say that i'm an artist too.But i like art,i really's one of those things that makes a big part of me "ME". i finally came to my senses that i should be better off solo having a healthy appreciation for the art scene rather than hassle people to view artworks that they can never say what makes them think towards it.i do get rejected after a couple of tries to invite friends to accompany me to view art.sadly enaough in my own honest opinion,a huge population doesn't really appreciate art unless it was being dictated as cool.that's why i get annoyed when people tell me that i'm there to see friends and not view the works itself.


-works by dexter fernandez and froilan calayag

-Tala Gallery, Kamuning, QC

i had a good 2 hour sleep from work,so i headed to Tala Gallery at Tomas Morato.i was an idiot for those "going- to -north" commutes.anyways i was already there by 8 pm-and saw some kids who were introduced to me from the previous "spoils" event.these kids are students from TUP-or Technological University of the Philippines. These kids are aspiring artists so i also like their eagerness and they absorb interest like sponges.really a good sight to see.then seeing familar faces like mihk and beejay from tether,redslim 08, even reporter julius babao was there. The ever so good think about art events is that there is no pretenses-on my part,i was introduced and i honestly say who i am-just an employee from a call center who likes art to its extremes.

Then came Dex and Froilan, who came by 9 was awesome that they're both simple guys who have this really strong force for the art scene.

I like Froi's work when it somes to color--it has this really strong hue which is total irony for his fuzzy looking creatures. Dex , on the other hand has a penchant for brown tones, japanese culture and things that are deranged.the awesome thing about it is that he makes it look interesting.

I came there solo flight. But i ended up getting acquainted to new faces,and even see their perspective towards art.

Monday, October 12, 2009

have fun at work

weekend is my rest day.i like to listen to my playlist with lots of indie flavor in it.i'm currently listening to the magic numbers' "those the brokes" album. really nice to listen to on a cloudy day. anyway i woke up late because i had dinner with my coworkers at dampa- it's a marketplace/restaurant where they can cook a la carte for was fun,i was full even if i can't eat crab-i'm allergic to it.haha.which was disappointing for me.and i can only eat a bit of shrimp-but heck it tastes good.even if was just a few pieces of it.anyway,the reason wny i suddenly am talking about work is because i'm starting to have fun again.i like how some of my new teammates poke fun at work,which is exactly why i needed to take a break before.i also have a new teammate-his name is aaron who i can talk to about a hell lot abou music-which makes me wanna go to work after.because i can talk to him about almost everything-about the music scene.and yesterday,one of my co workers asked me if i knew someone who can play drums or do vocals-i knew some,but i;m really not sure if they're really game about it,so the first person that i asked would be aaron,since i asked him and he could play a bit of drums.the next would have been another co worker-patrick.patrick l3-as i call him because he used to be one of our network specialist at work,would be on vocals,hopefully would be game since he fronted for an indie pop group called "the fantasy lights".so i'm still looking for budding musicians at work.that's as little as i can do to help someone out.but i'm really hoping that i can look for a good lineup. so that i can keep myself busy and i can say that i am
enjoying work. :D

with team mates at work.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Singapore Mirage

Quick pause from the music scene.

After Shift: my usual routine after work is walking in the streets of Makati...the CBD of it.the busy lifestyle of Pinoys...

I plan to go to Singapore soon. Well,not only that would be a new leaf for me,but it would also be an entirely new world out there.I remembered one time when I met my high school friends Jenny and Marybel last July 29th.Jenny went home for two weeks here in the Philippines while Marybel was waiting for her visa to leave abroad-which makes an endangered species in my high school batch who did not plan to go somewhere.That was before and i think it's about time to take such a leap.We had this mini reunion.Aside from that,i also had a brief discussion on what to do abroad.Scary,but worth a try.Life is indeed that short,and why not enjoy some of it?

But I'm not thinking about the career right now-I'm thinking of a break,a vacation.I never ever left the country for past a decade(being which I'm born in Saudi Arabia-an advantage for me,which is good) so i would like to have a little ol' travel time.

What is not to like about Singapore? Aside from the really obvious ones-it's a blend of cultures in one small country,Singapore would definitely be a place to thrive all aspects of industries wherein more than a thousand multinational companies prosper.Meaning to say that there's a wide range of possibilities for everyone who seeks business overseas.

I would like to take the opportunity to experience Singapore at any given day possible because I would love to see the possibility that even if we live in different countries,we also have the same ideals that makes every nation so great.

Browsing through Singapore-there's a lot of reasons why Singapore is the Place to Be:

Read this one through

Association of Singapore Attractions
--I'm a sucker for museums. Perfect for tourists.great for the whole family.And hey,what is not to like about souvenirs (haha,because i admit, I'm also a huge sucker for souvenirs-pasalubong in pinoy terms. :D)
National Heritage Board
--ever wondered why Singapore is a melting pot of mixed cultures? It's best that we experience the awesomeness of the heritage that they posses.
The Food Capital of Asia
--anyone who denies this would be really DEAD lying. I mean,in my terms, Asian Cuisine is the best-it SHOULD be savoured to the last minute. I heard it's a fusion of East and West,and that should be really good.And that should be a gastronomical adventure.yum!


I could imagine myself as a one-day tourist in Singapore.I'd spend the whole day and paint the town red after.

And the whereabouts?

Oh,here it goes.
* The hawker centers
-best experienced when you're a first well as a foodie.

1000 places to see before you die – A traveller’s Life list by Patricia Schultz. hmm.I think I should read this one.

Pasir Ris Park
-never been in a recreational park,so I'd rather do this somewhere different.Teehee.

*TigerLIVE at
St James Power Station
-because it's for one word:BEER. Oh yay!

*Singapore River

-visible nightspots on four quays- The Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Empress Place and Robertson Quay,what's not to like with a tranquil river beside it?

*Isles of Singapore

-Kusu Island,Pulau Ubin,Sentosa, and Saint John's Island-I guess this would be the place to go when you have to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Singapore,do a little chillax.

*Go to a bar where ELECTRICO would play

-oh yes, it was kinda upsetting for me that i missed the chance to watch Electrico live.hmpf. I love Electrico.never had their albums because it was never released here in the Philippines so I'm dead sure i wanna take their albums home.

Err,to sum it all up,this comes in one cool package that i've stumbled upon:


-it's an exclusive package for the ladies,and that is really rewarding.Shopping IS a must.And top it off with people watching at Orchard Road.Followed by a spa treatment.Then end the night with a par-tay.Awesomeness.An ultimate package.

I really think to say that Singapore's a haven would really be that blissful once that you reached its destination.And really adds up on the knowledge that there are a lot of good reasons why we have to live the good life.

ughhhhh....darn.I'm about to tomorrow.But really,that would be awesome!I'd make my plan happen if I had it my way! I'd really take the chance to enjoy the sights,indulge everything it has to offer and make it my unique Singapore experience.