Wednesday, October 21, 2009

these past few days...

i would not say that i'm an artist too.But i like art,i really's one of those things that makes a big part of me "ME". i finally came to my senses that i should be better off solo having a healthy appreciation for the art scene rather than hassle people to view artworks that they can never say what makes them think towards it.i do get rejected after a couple of tries to invite friends to accompany me to view art.sadly enaough in my own honest opinion,a huge population doesn't really appreciate art unless it was being dictated as cool.that's why i get annoyed when people tell me that i'm there to see friends and not view the works itself.


-works by dexter fernandez and froilan calayag

-Tala Gallery, Kamuning, QC

i had a good 2 hour sleep from work,so i headed to Tala Gallery at Tomas Morato.i was an idiot for those "going- to -north" commutes.anyways i was already there by 8 pm-and saw some kids who were introduced to me from the previous "spoils" event.these kids are students from TUP-or Technological University of the Philippines. These kids are aspiring artists so i also like their eagerness and they absorb interest like sponges.really a good sight to see.then seeing familar faces like mihk and beejay from tether,redslim 08, even reporter julius babao was there. The ever so good think about art events is that there is no pretenses-on my part,i was introduced and i honestly say who i am-just an employee from a call center who likes art to its extremes.

Then came Dex and Froilan, who came by 9 was awesome that they're both simple guys who have this really strong force for the art scene.

I like Froi's work when it somes to color--it has this really strong hue which is total irony for his fuzzy looking creatures. Dex , on the other hand has a penchant for brown tones, japanese culture and things that are deranged.the awesome thing about it is that he makes it look interesting.

I came there solo flight. But i ended up getting acquainted to new faces,and even see their perspective towards art.

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