Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's filipino for "crazy" or a mad man if that one's much more specific. This is one the recent exhibits that i recently headed to as a kickoff for my restday since that fell on a Tuesday. One of my new friends, kuya Neil gave me this cardboard brochure to check out their works at Makati. That was good because i don't have to get frantic at that time because the location wasn't that far from the office. I even checked out the webbie for the address on where the event will be shown at.

Alliance Francaise de Manille
(formerly Reposo St.) Bel-Air 2, Makati City

i was a "buang" too when i realized that Alliance is ridiculously near the place where i work less than 10 miuntes away.haha. i cam there by 8 ish. i was able to see same faces which is fun because in my own opinion,i'm starting to get reacquainted to people who i've been introduced with and i've gotten comfortable with myself because i get to ask helluv questions.

then the exhibit thing i knew is i was already with dex and others.having a drink somewhere in manila.the night was late so i stayed at dex's until 6 pm.That was also the first time i ever went to Marikina. I do get to see what it's like to be a visual artist firsthand-it's typical. the difference is that they full heartedly are committed to see how things are and they've mastered it on medium.

But i'm enjoying all the hype that they're humble still nevertheless.good to know that there's still a group who welcomes the world and makes it better. No doubt I'm really enjoying art in real life.

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