Friday, October 9, 2009

The Singapore Mirage

Quick pause from the music scene.

After Shift: my usual routine after work is walking in the streets of Makati...the CBD of it.the busy lifestyle of Pinoys...

I plan to go to Singapore soon. Well,not only that would be a new leaf for me,but it would also be an entirely new world out there.I remembered one time when I met my high school friends Jenny and Marybel last July 29th.Jenny went home for two weeks here in the Philippines while Marybel was waiting for her visa to leave abroad-which makes an endangered species in my high school batch who did not plan to go somewhere.That was before and i think it's about time to take such a leap.We had this mini reunion.Aside from that,i also had a brief discussion on what to do abroad.Scary,but worth a try.Life is indeed that short,and why not enjoy some of it?

But I'm not thinking about the career right now-I'm thinking of a break,a vacation.I never ever left the country for past a decade(being which I'm born in Saudi Arabia-an advantage for me,which is good) so i would like to have a little ol' travel time.

What is not to like about Singapore? Aside from the really obvious ones-it's a blend of cultures in one small country,Singapore would definitely be a place to thrive all aspects of industries wherein more than a thousand multinational companies prosper.Meaning to say that there's a wide range of possibilities for everyone who seeks business overseas.

I would like to take the opportunity to experience Singapore at any given day possible because I would love to see the possibility that even if we live in different countries,we also have the same ideals that makes every nation so great.

Browsing through Singapore-there's a lot of reasons why Singapore is the Place to Be:

Read this one through

Association of Singapore Attractions
--I'm a sucker for museums. Perfect for tourists.great for the whole family.And hey,what is not to like about souvenirs (haha,because i admit, I'm also a huge sucker for souvenirs-pasalubong in pinoy terms. :D)
National Heritage Board
--ever wondered why Singapore is a melting pot of mixed cultures? It's best that we experience the awesomeness of the heritage that they posses.
The Food Capital of Asia
--anyone who denies this would be really DEAD lying. I mean,in my terms, Asian Cuisine is the best-it SHOULD be savoured to the last minute. I heard it's a fusion of East and West,and that should be really good.And that should be a gastronomical adventure.yum!


I could imagine myself as a one-day tourist in Singapore.I'd spend the whole day and paint the town red after.

And the whereabouts?

Oh,here it goes.
* The hawker centers
-best experienced when you're a first well as a foodie.

1000 places to see before you die – A traveller’s Life list by Patricia Schultz. hmm.I think I should read this one.

Pasir Ris Park
-never been in a recreational park,so I'd rather do this somewhere different.Teehee.

*TigerLIVE at
St James Power Station
-because it's for one word:BEER. Oh yay!

*Singapore River

-visible nightspots on four quays- The Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Empress Place and Robertson Quay,what's not to like with a tranquil river beside it?

*Isles of Singapore

-Kusu Island,Pulau Ubin,Sentosa, and Saint John's Island-I guess this would be the place to go when you have to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Singapore,do a little chillax.

*Go to a bar where ELECTRICO would play

-oh yes, it was kinda upsetting for me that i missed the chance to watch Electrico live.hmpf. I love Electrico.never had their albums because it was never released here in the Philippines so I'm dead sure i wanna take their albums home.

Err,to sum it all up,this comes in one cool package that i've stumbled upon:


-it's an exclusive package for the ladies,and that is really rewarding.Shopping IS a must.And top it off with people watching at Orchard Road.Followed by a spa treatment.Then end the night with a par-tay.Awesomeness.An ultimate package.

I really think to say that Singapore's a haven would really be that blissful once that you reached its destination.And really adds up on the knowledge that there are a lot of good reasons why we have to live the good life.

ughhhhh....darn.I'm about to tomorrow.But really,that would be awesome!I'd make my plan happen if I had it my way! I'd really take the chance to enjoy the sights,indulge everything it has to offer and make it my unique Singapore experience.


  1. You know who: 2 thumbs up!!! Galing ah! You didn't need my help anymore from someone who used to love Singapore and now someone who hates it. Hmm. I don't like Electrico anymore now that Amanda Ling the angas keyboardist has left. I have their complete discography. Didn't know you like them. Anyway. Hawker centers galore! Foodtrip? A-men.

  2. thanks! i was a dummy to start writing this up!heheh.see you soon,or this end o' the month! :D

  3. hope i can visit hawker's center too ^_^

    napapanood ko yan sa cable eh, kakagutom hehe

    -sam v

  4. haha.hopefully makakain ako dun.tapos dala pasalubong.:D