Monday, October 12, 2009

have fun at work

weekend is my rest day.i like to listen to my playlist with lots of indie flavor in it.i'm currently listening to the magic numbers' "those the brokes" album. really nice to listen to on a cloudy day. anyway i woke up late because i had dinner with my coworkers at dampa- it's a marketplace/restaurant where they can cook a la carte for was fun,i was full even if i can't eat crab-i'm allergic to it.haha.which was disappointing for me.and i can only eat a bit of shrimp-but heck it tastes good.even if was just a few pieces of it.anyway,the reason wny i suddenly am talking about work is because i'm starting to have fun again.i like how some of my new teammates poke fun at work,which is exactly why i needed to take a break before.i also have a new teammate-his name is aaron who i can talk to about a hell lot abou music-which makes me wanna go to work after.because i can talk to him about almost everything-about the music scene.and yesterday,one of my co workers asked me if i knew someone who can play drums or do vocals-i knew some,but i;m really not sure if they're really game about it,so the first person that i asked would be aaron,since i asked him and he could play a bit of drums.the next would have been another co worker-patrick.patrick l3-as i call him because he used to be one of our network specialist at work,would be on vocals,hopefully would be game since he fronted for an indie pop group called "the fantasy lights".so i'm still looking for budding musicians at work.that's as little as i can do to help someone out.but i'm really hoping that i can look for a good lineup. so that i can keep myself busy and i can say that i am
enjoying work. :D

with team mates at work.

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