Wednesday, August 18, 2010

twisted fork

i like art. it's unpretentious. and raw. and it creates better bridges to community. though I'm not good at it,i like to think that i have a huge and healthy appreciation for arts more than any categories i would like to bring up with,well art AND life itself.

enter Ferdinand Center for the Creative.

I believe in this group because their aim is to teach,provide art to the less fortunate.
I also have this strong belief that art will eventually rule the earth.

i got this message from ferdinandcc's main man, Lester nelson, last month,asking if i can do some stints on interviewing some of the graphic artists here in manila.without batting an eyelash,i had to say yes.

now,i have to say that i have NO proper knowledge of theories or technicalities when it comes to graphic design,but i know how to distinguish pieces that stand out.because i think that those pieces makes a person different.

my first interview was for graphic artist Dan Matutina.
he's the main man for Idea's - it's a design & communications agency that helps design to nonprofits and NGOs.

If that’s not enough, he also teaches at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.

for days, i had been emailing Lester back and forth about questions we can ask to Dan,until those were finalized and i had to email Dan.I was nervous because,heck,that's my first time and I feel like a groupie.

Finally,i had a reply from Dan for the interviews.yay!!
being a wreck for a few days paid off after all.'s the link:

and here's Dan's links:
super thanks, Les!!

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