Wednesday, September 14, 2011

xoxoxo and more...

In time the heart heals by itself with the noise and the faces familiar to you.

It then hit me that the world does not end after a breakup.No matter how hard i wished that that there was a rewind button.But there isn't,and in the end I pay the price.I'm also facing the cold hard truth that i'm bumming myself. i just updated my resume and i try to enjoy myself by drowning into the noise that keeps me alive somehow .Going to routine that makes me different kept a bit grounded even for a while.Last night's trip to West Gallery at Quezon city was a relief because i get to see artworks,made by some of my friends Dex Fernandez and Mark Andy Garcia.Dex's "xoxoxo" exhibit is catered for the erotically delighted,where he teases the audience with colors and patterns that censors the pornographic material yet it felt the intensity through its lines and cutouts.Andy's show "Acquainted with the Night" showcases his brighter perspective in his life. As always, he never fails to emphasize is view on family life as his foundation,underneath his personality as a an aloof character.Other works featured were from Jigger Cruz's "Dead End" where the art for the normal meets the mundane is very possible as he splashes his oil paint over the flat ones as misadventures.The last one included on the show was from Bjorn Calleja's "Some Failed Attempts in Creating A Good image for Painting".Much filled with things we see everyday,he paints the picture with pop culture in a way that it gives room for us to see more of what each stroke does to complete the picture.

Last night was also a great night because i get to reflect myself and what i really want as I see the people who knew me.I forget that I firmly wanted people to see that side of me outside work because this is the only way i know how to appreciate what life brings despite heartbreak and changes.And I still want to learn what tomorrow will bring me as its gift.

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