Tuesday, November 10, 2009

make believe

Nov 7, '09

friday last week- i went for the very first time to CubaoX to view Darel Ballesteros's work called "Make Believe" at Pablo Gallery.since that was my first time ever,i went there with one of my new friends, Amber.she looks like my sister,but she's a lot more quiet than her.i arrived there by about 8 pm- because the mrt that i rode that time experienced technical issue so i was stuck on the train for about 20 minutes.then i got a bit lost going to cubao x until i got past of ali mall. Cubao X is a quaint hotspot for artist/musicians/entrepreneurs for the arts.then again,it's actually NICE to get lost in CubaoX-there were a lot of nifty stores/vintage hubs that i can browse through.but i went there a bit late so some stores were closed too. I never met the artist before but i did want to check out the artworks - i was handed with a little picture invite from dex's show and pretty much went to exhibits after that.it was fun,that these artists are something.there wasn't any sense of intimidation as they welcome spectators to see their works.Anyway,funny thing happened that night,i was looking for amber in CubaoX when someone shouted my name-not on my nickname-but my REAL name! i was thinking if i knew someone in the QC area who knew me-aside from my relatives,of course.i was thinking of friends from MY area-the BF area-because they're the ones who usually called me by my name.then slowly turning around- i see familiar faces - shannen of NU,froi,kuya neil,andy,and raf. Funny that they eventually recognized me from a 10 feet distance.haha.so i hung out with them and finally saw the pablo gallery.It's a small space for an art event,but i think what makes up for it would be the well lit room.the artworks can be seen and the colors blended as well. Since that was my first time ever to view darel's artwork,i could say that i instantly fell in love with it,since all i see would be pictures of doll-like figures.they're all in the same ,but the feelings would have changed it otherwise.i liked how it had this dream like effect-almost nostalgic-makes you wish that you were a kid and that you would like to become an artist someday. it was child-like but the deep shades of purple is what appealed to me the most.i had an opportunity to say hi to darrel saying that i loved his works.plus a quick trivia that shannen told me-that was also his first time to draw a real idenity-such would be the picture of a young girl with a book. but it still looks surreal.he may have forgotten me after that,but i still would be a fan for his works.the night was young,so i hung out with people-and then i saw joe de jesus-first time that i also met him was at the al's bar silipan at rinigan event-friendly dude. and then we talked abou anything new about his prod- Tubby Trousers.I'm already familiar with Tubby Trousers because Soft Pillow Kisses usually performs on his prod.And undoubtedly-i've been a fan of Soft Pillow kisses for quite sometime.then we chatted the whole night,and it was all good.Then i saw Brendan Goco- so i'm really relieved that i saw people whom i've been really open to when it comes to music and art.but then i had to leave early because i have work the next day after.

Good thing that the last train ride was until midnight.otherwise,i would be screwed up after.

maybe someday when i have a kid,i'd buy a huge artwork from him and give it to my future kid to "make believe".


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  1. thanks for the review nkakataba ng puso haha anyway kabanda ko si joe :) see you sa mga gigs tska sa upcoming exhibit ,,, salamat sa apprerciation -darrel