Sunday, January 31, 2010

back to work

i've been in my absence for almost 2 months here.i missed writing though.i've mostly been busy.i've been through a lot lately so i really do apologize for that.but now that i'm back,let's get to the main stuff.

last 2 weeks so far was awesome.


FRESH SOUNDS at RCBC's hexagon lounge

Upharma down,Not Another Boyband,and Sleepwalk Circus

I simply cannot miss that because of some reasons

* it was my day off
*i still have spare cash to kill
*rcbc is a place that a few heard of as an elite gig spot
*lastly-sleepwalk circus and updharma down

i came there late with my usual posse- ben and charles. then i saw some friends there as well,like red and nikki, tim, aki and even my grade school classmate,paula!:D

we already arrived when the first act, Not another boyband did their stint.they sound electronica,which will make me look forward to listening to them.i was only able to hear one song from them when we arrived.but i promise to listen to more of them soon.

it was nice when i was a bit tipsy that time.listening to Sleepwalk circus feels like it drives me to into this place when no one braves to that was my first time to also see their new bassist,laurie.she was cute,hehe.

the reason why i also loved Sleepwalk is because all performances are different.they weren't boring.the light shows were only a plus.

The next and last act of the night were from Updharma down.

And just like Sleepwalk, they are also one of the acts that everyone shouldn't miss.

Armi's vocals were as superb as always,followed by Carlos' trippy riffs and Paul's basslines were always awesome.And finally i get to watch Ian to play again.All of their songs made me fall in love with "Bipolar" once again-as if i've lost my love for the album.haha.

It was also great that I've encountered my 5 minutes with Armi.She asked where i got my shirt- my fave tee of the moment-my yakult shirt.:D

late night ends,and ben and charlie had to leave after.So red nikki and tim invited me to eat midnight dinner with them at an area in ortigas where foodtrip galore exists.They call it banchetto,and the foodmarket opens every friday midnight to saturday lunchtime.

And the glory of it all began. i had a hard time choosing what to eat because all looked so mouth-watering.i liked Tim's blueberry pie that he was perfect-not to sweet and not too heavy at the same time.and i ate my chicken pasta. and i was baptized with banchetto's bestseller- the crepeman's white chocolate crepe.and i was craving for it after.hehe.that was a good night.

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