Wednesday, August 12, 2009

erase,retype,wired up...

hi.i'm new.not on the blogosphere per se but this would be my first time to write (and rave and rant) about one of my biggest loves-music! i'm not a music critic.heck,i never even studied music nor even learned how to play one instrument! but this is what i know:music is one of my outlets,IF NOT THE ONLY ONE OUTLET.hahaha. since this is my first time to actually write,i just like to say sorry in advance-i'm still learning the ropes.still rough around the edges.but i will really pour my heart out to write some here it goes ....

Facebook addiction:

pick your 5-

"Put your iPod on Shuffle-What are the first 5 songs that come up?"

answers that i came up with:

You and Me-Club 8
Get lucky-New Young Pony Club
This past week-The radio dept.
We're gonna save the summer-The Pearlfishers
Skeleton Boy-Friendly fires

-these songs are mostly forwarded to me from friends,so i have to thank 'em big time
-honestly i DON'T have an iPod
-my sony ericsson w850i works the shuffling full time.
-and a lot don't even know who these acts are...

yep.i do get frustrated when people have no idea what i'm talking about.then again,save the next pages for the gig parts.XD

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  1. YOU KNOW WHO: Nice Diz. Not bad for a first blog entry. Boo iPod, Go Sony!!! Skeleton Boy love :-)