Friday, August 14, 2009

From Sam Scarlettears

Broke.haaaay.then came along tons of good events. paycheck did not pay me well.shizzle with that.hahaha.

aug 13, '09
Sam from scarlettears's text:

"hi there daiox,musta? we hav a gig tom at ten02 timog,kung gsto mo manood.(smiley face)
next week naman aug 21 toriamos nite sa conspiracy.And another one ant ten02 same nite (smiley face)"

BTW: Scarlettears is a brilliant Goth act hailed from metro manila.They make beautiful and really dark music,filled with love's depth and pain,and isolation comes from within.It is heavy isolation,that it lets you breathe and see that there is that sincere tranquility amidst the music that they make.

Years before,i had the opportunity to actually receive a copy of their previous release because my friend Karl was one of their drummers who had sessioned for them before .
Beneath A Crescent Moon.

I was not a fan of their genre before until I've listened to it.
i fell in love with one of their songs-making a mark on their craft.
it was "Scarlettears" and "Adele Walking on a Spiral Highway".

One of the acts that paved the way for me to also listen to a whole new genre by then.

Years after I was able to watch them live again thru this year's Fete de la Musique at the Metrowalk,since i was eager to watch the Goth/new wave/electro stage.That was where I got the chance to say "hi" and catch up with Sam again and i asked him if there was already an album in the works.Good news. There will be one soon.

visit their site.

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