Monday, August 24, 2009

“Mornings and Airports”

Ayka texted me last week 'cos her friend PM' ed her on facebook about a sugarfree album launch.I was already hooked up on their carrier single "Hay Buhay"-that's my starter chorus before i go to work.then i sit down at my post and sing it loud enough,but no one's exactly hearing it because yes, mahina ang boses ko.hahah.Anyway,“Mornings and Airports” album launch was held last wednesday-Aug 19 at Saguijo.The good thing here was the event is darn FREE. I was with my neighbor/good friend/brother Jaycee and his bandmates Japs and Nando from F.I.O. we went there by 9.30-ish.The place was packed.Everyone anticipated the album lauch.I've been a fan of Sugarfree since the "Mariposa" and "Burnout" days.It does reflect the band's craft on their views on the pinoy pop culture.And i did see this on on the new album as well.Plus they also featured guest bands to make the have the night rockin' and rollin'- like Cambio and Sandwich.Which i'm also an avid listener. Cos i'm a huge fan of Raimund Marasigan's bands--all jumpy,all hyped up.Then came the band's main performance.The thing i like most about Sugarfree is they like to keep things raw and it's ok for them to laugh while singing.That's a good thing for me because they really do like to share what they know and they're open about it.Oh yeah,i almost won a freebie that night,unfortunately,i was 4 numbers short.hahah.main faves on the album launch? "Hay Buhay" pa din. then before going home,i feasted on too much siomai and black gulaman.XD but then again.cheers to a great night celebrating music once again!XD


  1. Wow. You mentioned my name. (from YOU KNOW WHO) *wink wink* Pagaling ka dude~