Wednesday, September 16, 2009

lokal electroindie also is my current fave as well

<a href="">Run (Dmaps Remix) by Techy Romantics</a>
lately i have just got to browse anything that's unheard and awesome.enter techyromantics.they make awesome songs to dance i came across Spazzkid,another genius ng lokal electro indie scene. although he's now based in the States,he makes samples for local tunes.and Dmaps/eggboy-that's Diego Mapa.i would like to shake hands with him someday and tell him i was fan of his show dati with Jason Caballa when UNTV was unearthed and was the best channel circa 2000.
<a href="">Night Out (Spazzkid VS. Techy Romantics) by Techy Romantics</a>

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