Wednesday, September 16, 2009

this time it will also be about art...

I went last Tuesday for my friend Dex's exhibit at Greenbelt's called the Spoils of Love. The concept is about silence and broken relationships. That was my very first time going to a huge event.big names of the art scene attended to this
event,like Quark Henares,Cristina Dy, Marie Jamora,well the list goes on.I was really excited that i saw all of these hardworking artists.I had to really bring friends Gadz and Rik as well so i can introduce them to Dex and so that they can see their art.but they had to leave early for the last FX home,so i was left at the show,but I met all of these artists.all of them are soooo humble.and i was this art enthusiast who mainly doesn't have anything talented at was awesome that they assured me that it was nothing and they would like me to see more of their works. Plus i saw familiar faces-like mik from Tether and kuya Ross from Al's bar.I realize that art should be OBSERVED in any way-whether it was seen,or listened to,it was all about reaction.Their exhibit was under the "imagine the silence" category. the other part for this event was on Greenbelt 3.It's called the Museum of Broken's a museum dedicated for love that faltered apart and things that reminded them that at least there was something that "they"'s sort of a "letting go" museum.

My love of lokal art rekindled once again.i can see and feel art in every way possible.and i am blessed that these kinds of art saved my sanity. So not only that i can write about lokal music,i can also write a little something about art.

*above exhibit photos were done by Brendan Goco.thanks!


  1. YOU KNOW WHO: Me gusta your black and white photo. You're so pretty in it :-) Hope the battlescars are healing dude~

  2. thanks man.i'm healing up so that i can go to more events.:D