Wednesday, September 30, 2009


there's a little bit of history in everyone of us.the typhoon ONDOY really hit us in all the hard ways possible.i heard so much horror stories,and even experienced it myself.going home was hell for me last saturday but nevertheless i still have a house that keeps me safe and warm.such is not the case for the victims of this tragedy and they are in need of help.they are in all aspects,hurt.we need to take action.let's pause for a bit and just reach out for them.what we need right now is compassion,not a lot of pinpointing around.There's a lot to do to help out.Let's pause and stop doing mindless or anything uneccessary-that i'm really sure could wait.People's lives DON'T.

a short summary of what happened the previous days:
the days after ordeal:everyone has a different story and experience after about Ondoy's wrath.whether they managed to get home or not,it still was unexpected,and as well as horrific.and I'm really that sure as well that no one in Metro manila this ERA imagined that this would happen.

the other day:
Gads texted me if i have any stuff to donate.without batting an eyelash,i quickly texted her that i will give out a whole balikbayan box full of old clothes.and i would probably go with them to give those clothes out.(take note of the probably,because i also had other stuff to deal with during that time) It was an opportunity for me to give out 2 BALIKBAYAN's worth of old clothes-yes that's 2-because those were supposed to be donated a year ago-never had the chance to deliver we had to meet up the day after.

yesterday:Teng came to my place since gads informed him that i have a balikbayan box of stuff.he was wondering how he can squish the box on his compartment.glad to know that it did.and good to know that on the last minute,i was able to go with them to help out.
we met up with Ria paramita at 7/11 along with gads and larry by 6-ish so we headed off to ortigas,that's where we did some volunteer work.
we came there by 7 ish at megatent at looks like a huge concert place,but going to the main venue looks like a warehouse.but then again,it is a good spot to do volunteer work.we dropped off our balikbayan box and wondered at first how to help out.we spotted a nice place t take pictures of the activity when the redcross coordinator guy asked out if there are any cameras up to take we volunteered and we stepped up to the cargo truck!it was fun being on the truckto take pictures,but it was much fun to pass around the food packages.then the teamwork started out.of course that should be quick because the truck needs to deliver the goods as soon as possible.yep it was tiring because it was done double time,but the fulfilment that you actually saved a life makes up the whole of it.

ended the night with drinks and humour,and a mcdo happy meal.and i got a drum kit.rewarding,indeed.:D

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